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How to calculate moving expenses

Moving House is certainly a costly thing, in order to save money, some people choose their own moves, and some people choose affordable moving company. To do so, on the face of it is good, but in reality, is not desirable. In fact, if you learned to calculate moving expenses, find an affordable moving company, is not a difficult thing.
here we to Shang Xu moving companies Shanghai moving company charges, for example, to specify the cost of moving.
from the company's fees, moving costs can be divided into five areas. First, the base price. The prices vary with different tonnage size of your choice, or because your home is located in the urban area and suburbs varied.
Second, the handling costs. This part of the charge is complex, primarily occurred during the loading and unloading process, including poor floor, decorate the plane moving and unloading point-plane moving cost, assembling and handling costs.
third, disassembly and Assembly costs. This fee is based on your move requires disassembly of furniture and electrical charge, including small Assembly and disassembly Assembly and disassembly cupboard furniture screen Assembly and disassembly Assembly and disassembly of air conditioning.
Finally, transportation costs. Since it is moving without transportation. This section includes distance fee, single and overweight fee and toll fee, return fees, vehicle waiting fees, is still more. BACK PAGE